10 Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight



Avocado, for real? Isn’t this fruit packed with tons of calories? Well, in a sense, it’s true. One serving of avocado which is around 100 grams is 160 calories. Wow, that’s a lot! Yes, it’s a bit up there on the calorie scale but avocado is a healthy type of fat and YOUR BODY NEEDS THAT to function properly and healthily shed of excess fat. This fatty fruit can zap your body fat away. Seriously!

What others are not aware of is that avocado is fiber-enriched. It means that if you eat avocado, it will slowly be digested in your tummy. Slow digestion means you will feel full longer. It will regulate your blood sugar rate and it will also curb your cravings for unnecessary foods like sweets.

Another thing about avocado is that it has monounsaturated fatty acids. They call it the MUFAs. MUFAs are known, as backed up by scientific study, to promote fat loss.

So even if avocado is high on calorie count, its numerous health and weight loss benefits outweigh the calorie concern. Eat a serving or less of avocado as much as you can in combination with other foods to help you lose weight.

Suggestion: You can eat avocado sandwich (grained bread) for breakfast. You may also like to make a shake out of avocado while you toss in a bit of cacao powder and chocolate, almond milk and agave.