The 10 Best Meats and the 10 Worst Ones

The 10 Best Meats and the 10 Worst Ones

I LOVE MEAT. Period. No, not period.
I LOVE MEAT!!! In exclamation point.

I am a meat eater and almost everyone I know love the taste of animal protein. But there are so many studies these days telling everyone that a lot of red meat is bad for the health. And that there are other types of meat which shouldn’t be eaten at all – is there a way for me to eat my favorite food without having to worry too much of what it can do to my body?

Well, for starters, I learned that lean meat is the better way to eat your meat. It is already a given that leafy vegetables and fruits rich in fiber and antioxidants are supposed to be a staple in your diet. Now, by picking lean meat over fatty meat, you are going for the right option and shying away from extra fat and calories.


So, which types of meat are good for you?
Pork Tenderloin

I value my health and I’m pretty sure that you do too. So, in order to not skimp on my favorite food, I took the liberty of finding which meats I can eat without having to jeopardize my cholesterol levels and sodium intake.