10 Condiments That Are Actually Killing You

We all want to eat good food every day. I mean, one can dream that you have your own private world-class chef preparing for you meals that are super scrumptious. But then again, you’re not the Queen of England or the President of a country. You don’t have that wealthy privilege. So, in that light, to make your food delicious, you go for condiments. The big question is that, are these condiments food for you?

10. SALT


When you cook something, what’s the first thing you look for? Yes, you got it right – salt. You want your dish to be a bit salty. But, why? Well, salt makes your food taste good. For one, salt suppresses the bitterness of other food. Another reason is that salt makes the molecules of food evaporate and we can smell it through the air. It just prepares you to eat your hearty meal.

Now why is it bad for you? The body reacts in a certain way when there is extra salt in your system. So, what it does is that the kidney filters water less so that the salt is diluted properly which means there is extra fluid all over the body. If this happens regularly, the extra fluid will go to the arteries and also pressurize the kidney. When it can’t take it anymore, it will come to kidney failure and hardening of the arteries which ultimately develops into heart conditions.