10 Condiments That Are Actually Killing You



What is not to like in Sriracha? People use it on their health-conscious dishes because it makes the bland taste the “blend” of flavors and such. It is super good that you just have to add it on everything that you eat. Sriracha and popcorn. Sriracha and chips. Sriracha and anything. It’s not about the ingredients of sriracha that made it bad for you. One teaspoon of sriracha is just 4% of your sodium RDA. Its small compared to the others. But why is it in the number 1 spot?

Why is sriracha bad for you? People tend to eat sriracha in large quantities. Just because it’s not that salty doesn’t mean you can eat half a bottle of it in one seating. No. Remember, it is still salt. If you eat a lot of teaspoons of sriracha, how many 4% would that be for you? The catch here is eating in moderation. Always.