10 Condiments That Are Actually Killing You



You put ketchup on your burger, splatter it on your fries and put some on your eggs. And then, there’s hash brown, hotdogs, pizza, beef tips, shawarma, onion rings, fried chicken, pork chops, skewers, roasted duck… The list just goes on and one. And because you think ketchup is a “vegetable”, you eat it like there’s no tomorrow.

Why is ketchup bad for you? Ketchup is made of tomatoes, yes, but tomatoes are not vegetables. They’re fruits rich in Vitamin A and C. Still, eating a lot of ketchup is a no-no. In order to make ketchup, a lot of salt is added to the mix. Too much salt is bad for you and it one tablespoon of ketchup is like 70-80 calories. Hmm… How many tablespoons do you put on your burger again?