10 Condiments That Are Actually Killing You



Don’t get me started but mayonnaise is just the best. I would leave my partner right in a heartbeat for mayonnaise (that’s if I have a partner, yeah right). It’s just so good, so frickin’ good. Who knew that the mayonnaise industry have a sales of 2 Billion US dollars each year? Well, it’s the best culinary invention ever made and because of it, there’s ranch dressing, tartar sauce, garlic mayo, herbed mayo and so on. It’s just the perfect food.

Why is mayonnaise bad for you? There is no such thing as perfect food. Do you know the ingredients of mayonnaise? Salt, sugar, eggs – more like raw egg yolk and that means high cholesterol plus salmonella, since egg yolk has a high risk of developing that. And not to mention it’s fat content. Wow. Now, what are your thoughts on the matter?