10 Condiments That Are Actually Killing You



Super sweet maple syrup is just LOVE. It brings me back to my childhood days when my mom would pour it on my pancakes and say, eat up sweetheart! But it’s not really from Maple trees. Actually, pancake syrup is just flavoring and it comes from corn syrup, in short, fructose. And fructose is dangerous for the body.

Why is fructose in pancake syrup bad for you? Fructose is super cheap and that’s the reason why it’s in pancake syrup plus it’s sweet. Add a little maple flavor to it and voila! You have fake maple pancake syrup in a bottle. But then again – fructose is bad sugar. Sugar is calories. Sugar is obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. One tablespoon is like 50-60 calories and how many tablespoons do we splurge on our pancake? And is this an everyday thing? Hmmm…