10 Condiments That Are Actually Killing You



This condiment is very popular in the Philippines and they put “patis” (that’s what they call fish sauce) in almost every dish that they make because it brings out the flavor of the food. They make fish sauce from fish that has been dried for almost a year and then preserved by salt. Again, the word is salt. So realistically, if you are eating fish sauce, then, that’s like consuming rotten fish full of salt. But you know, it smells bad and yet it’s really good when you sprinkle it on the dish.

Why is fish sauce bad for you? It is full of salt and one tablespoon of fish sauce is equivalent to 50% of your recommended daily allowance for sodium. But that one tablespoon is enough to make a dish that’s good for 4-5 people really tasty. Just don’t drink fish sauce as is, ok?