10 Deadly Foods you Probably have in your Kitchen

Some people are just naturally daring. They want to feel that rush when doing something dangerous because it makes them feel so alive. Take for instance jumping out of airplanes. I mean, are you literally trying to kill yourself? While they think that it is sport by testing their physical limits, sometimes I think that it’s just suicide. Why would you like to do it to yourself, right? One will understand if you are not aware of putting yourself in a deadly spot – for example, eating poisonous food.

This may sound odd but there are some foods that can end your life prematurely. Want to know what these foods are? Take a look at this list:

10. Fruit Seeds


Fruits seeds are not eaten for a very specific reason. Apple seeds, cherry pits, peach seeds, and apricot pits are just some of the most deadly seeds when eaten in volume. Why? Well, these pits are holding a certain kind of chemical compound called Hydrogen Cyanide or Prussic acid. But you know, the word cyanide is sufficient to describe how fatal these seeds can be. Don’t bite it!