10 Miracle Foods Healthier Than Kale

Kale this. Kale that. It is the word of mouth in the food world these days – kale is the mightiest and healthiest green leafy veggie of them all. Food experts say that kale is the best and they make it into everything like chips, mixed with pure juices and get this, face cream! Anything kale is absolutely a hit because it is packed with folate and calcium.

But people… Hear ye… Hear ye…

Kale is not the champion veggie. Sorry to burst your bubble. According to Centers for Disease Control, it is not the top one vegetable. There are at least 14 more veggies that are healthier than kale. (It only ranked at 15.) It is a powerful veggie, nonetheless, and it is still one of the best vegetables you can ever eat.

Anyway, to educate you, here are the other miracle foods that surpassed kale in the nutrition ranking:

Miracle Food 10 – COLLARD GREENS

Collard Greens

Have you tried collard greens? This is one of the veggies healthier than kale. It is usually eaten by people in South America and they really love it! They steam the veggie and eat it just like that. The great thing about this veggie is that it can lower blood cholesterol levels and this has been proven in a vitro study which was recently issued. The Journal of Nutrition Research proved that eating collard greens is more effective than taking a prescription drug called Cholestyramine. The vegetable is 13% more potent in controlling cholesterol levels than the drug! Amazing!