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10 Myths About Yogis

They say that people who practice yoga are walking the straight line every single time without distractions and delay. Hello!!! Are you serious? Yogis are people too, they are not perfect! Not every one of us is pleasant, nice-smelling or eating right kind of foods. True! Eating right is like a challenge, you know – I’d rather give birth again via the normal procedure without epidural if I was to be compelled to eat vegetables three times a day, 365 days a year!

So to let everything out in the open, here are 10 myths about yogis – something you should know before you decide to judge people like me.

Myth #10 – Yogis only eat veggies and fruits.

fruits and veggies

Hi, my name is Happy and I’m a certified yogi. No, I’m not a vegetarian. No, I’m not a vegan. And no, I’m not a fruitarian. I am a CARNIVORE. I eat meat and sometimes, I want meat with fat in it. (I SAID SOMETIMES.) I love yoga to the bone but I love burger and ice cream even more. Check my bag. There’s a Twix bar in there. So yeah, that’s me.

But, there are indeed other yogis out there who are vegan and vegetarian. I don’t know anyone whose fruitarian though. (Probably because they’re dead already – how can one survive with fruits alone? Your body needs protein man!!!)

We do have yogi festivals and gatherings. Sometimes I find it odd that a Pork Belly grilling station is beside a gluten-free salad bar. But, that’s how it is and everything is in harmony.