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10 Myths About Yogis

Myth #4 – Guys are macho and they don’t do yoga.


Are you familiar with a certain Adam Levine? This guy used to be so thin and scrawny but with yoga, he is like a Greek God now who has a high-pitched voice. But still, he is so dreamy. How about a David Beckham? Do you know him? Have you seen those “packs”? Those “butt cheeks”? Those… Ok, enough. (Sorry Posh Spice; your husband is just so delicious!) David does yoga because of his profession and he even said that he is into couples’ yoga – I hate you Victoria!!!

And lastly, have you heard of this guy (hmmm… why am I sweating?)… This guy, his name is um… Uhm… Ryan Gosling… (Wipe the drool off your mouth, right now.) Yes, him. He is a yogi. Period.

So again, yoga is for men, women and even children. It doesn’t matter what body type you have or if you have a dingle or a V – if you’re human, you can be a yogi anytime.