10 Real Reasons Kissing is Actually Good for You


You have experienced your first kiss with this person that you really, really like. Butterflies in your stomach, your knees feel like jelly, your body is quivering and your heart is literally about to explode – that’s the feeling of kissing a person that you are so attracted to. But aside from this feeling of nirvana, did you know that kissing has a lot of health benefits? Actually, the more you kiss your loved one daily, the higher the chance that you are going to be healthy. So tell your partner to kiss you often!

Here are ten reasons why kissing daily is a must:

10. Kissing improves your bonding with loved one


This doesn’t apply to your romantic partner only. Kissing your child, sibling, parent, relative or friends improves your relationship with them especially when you are smooching with your significant other. Kissing is very intimate and can be shared by two people who deeply care for each other. The act itself promotes their bond. As explained by Dawn Maslar, a Biology professor, kissing can increase the body’s production of oxytocin or the “love hormone” and that encourages bonding.