10 Reasons You Can’t Fall Asleep (and What You Can Do About It)

You are so tired and have been waiting all day to get to your bed and doze off. The problem is that when you get there, you lie down and spend hours moving from side to side, checking the clock and going to the urinal. You just can’t sleep even if you’re so tired! Why is this happening? What’s going on? Why can’t you sleep even if you desperately need and want to?

Rebecca Robbins, Ph.D., Rachel Wong and Anna Persaud, Ph.D. are all sleep experts and they have explained the reasons why you can’t sleep even if you’re too tired. There are many reasons why and some solutions are provided so that you can get your well-deserved shut eye.

10. You don’t have a sleeping schedule

Alarm Clock

Dr. Rebecca Robbins believes that if you stick to a sleeping schedule, let’s say you head to bed at 10pm every night, your body will program itself to sleep at that time and you won’t be tossing and turning anymore. The next day, when you wake up, you will feel invigorated and full of energy. If you are to sleep earlier or later than your scheduled time, don’t go beyond one hour.