10 Spaces You Should Declutter Every Week

Call me OC-crazy. Neat-freak. Mess-zapper. I don’t care. I love decluttering each week. It gives me a sense of peace and my mind just clears up every time I organize the things I need to fix. If that’s not for you, well, you should find the time to do it. It speaks about your cleanliness meter, you know.

Some places in our homes become the “toss-it” center meaning you toss your bag, your shoes, your child’s toys, your husband’s jacket and everything you can toss in. You always try to fix it on a day to day basis but to no avail, clutter is always present. Anyway, you’re not a robot and go easy on yourself with this. Just try to clean up daily as much as you can but, use your weekends to Declutter these “toss-it” centers. It can be therapeutic.

10. Toilet and Bathroom


Soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, shaver, bowl, tissue paper and more – it’s everywhere. Not to mention the garbage bin, the medicine cabinet, the towel rack and what else? It’s just a mess. But there are things you can do and teach your kids to do so that the toilet and bath clutter will be eliminated indefinitely. Want to know the secret?

Well, it all starts with storage room. You T&B doesn’t have to be big. It can be a small thing and yet clutter-free. You just have to put counters, drawers, cabinets and dividers to manage all the little things inside your bathroom.

Also, once a week, you have to check if everything is in order. It could be that the hand towel is inside the body towel drawer, you know. (You’re hubby doesn’t exactly know the difference.) Just straighten it out, put it away and bring it back to where it’s supposed to be. Messy bathroom is not comfy at all and it’s supposed to “relieve” you of your stress – if you get the drift. So, clean it up, once a week.