10 Unhealthy Things you’re Adding to your Salad

Salad Bar

We all want to be healthy. There is this constant inkling in your mind – Eat the right kind of foods; Consume food in portions and don’t go overboard; Skip the bad stuff like soda and sweets. It’s normal to want to do that.

So, when you and your friends go out for lunch, they order Angus steak, chili con carne and carbonara. They were to order you the usual Pork Chop with mashed potatoes but at the nick of time you said – “I’d like a Chicken Potato Salad please, more on the iceberg greens and low calorie dressing”. They were shocked and you explained the reason why. You told them that you want to make that conscious effort of watching what you eat from now on.

The waitress gave you a plate and said, “Ma’am, we have a salad bar right there and you can choose which toppings you’d like to eat together with your iceberg. There are low-cal dressings too and it’s labeled. Enjoy!” And so you hurried to the salad bar putting first the iceberg lettuce, chicken, potatoes, walnuts, almonds, cucumber, low-fat balsamic dressing, croutons, a bit of mayo, a whole egg, shredded cheese and some bacon bits.

Wow, that was a lot. It looks like you’re not watching what you eat, girl. Ok, let’s get this straight. Do you really want to know which foods in the supposedly nutritious salad bar are in fact not too healthy?