10 Unhealthy Things you’re Adding to your Salad

10. Dried Cranberries or Craisins


Cranberries are healthy if eaten raw and without preservatives. In fact, it is being termed as one of the world’s healthiest foods. It can prevent the development of urinary tract infection because of its PACS or proanthocyanidins. It blocks the bacteria to rich the urinary tract.

Anyway, it is super nutritious when eaten raw or when juiced without having to add sugars. Dried cranberries or craisins, on the other hand, are not healthy at all. It’s been preserved and that means the usually super wholesome fruit is full of sugar and life-prolonging chemicals. What’s good about that, right?

Now, if you really want something reddish on your salad and a great alternative to craisins, then, opt for the real fruit cranberry. You might want to throw in some strawberries to that or raspberries. It will make your salad so delicious, naturally sweet and truly nourishing.