12 Signs Of Job Burnout And What You Should Do About It

Work Stress

It is normal to get tired on your daily grind. People feel exhausted because they are not robots at work. But if this exhaustion turns to chronic fatigue, it is never a good sign.

First, it is just getting tired. After that, you will feel exhausted. Next on, your day to day work will feel like it’s too much – you will become annoyed at even the slightest things. You tend to bring this at home and stress will overcome you.

It could be that you’re burned out from work and need to just chill and relax. The worst will come if you abuse your body and mind. But, even after the “vacay”, you still don’t feel like “you”, it could be that your work is the problem.

With that, here are 12 signs of job burnout (and what you should do about it).

1. You set your alarm clock very early with the intention of putting it in snooze.

Seriously, what is up with that? If you put on an alarm, it means that you are to get up at that time and get ready for the day. But it you keep telling yourself – 5 more minutes – that’s a sign of burnout. You also tend to be frantic ( “aka” crazy) in the mornings and still be late for work. You need a break man, truly.

2. You head to bed the minute you get home because you are so tired and this happens almost every day.

Don’t you have hobbies to do? If you are happy at your workplace, you will find time to balance everything. But if you are burned out, you become a whole different person until the cycle is broken.

3. Sleeping at night, for you, is difficult to do.

You go to bed at 8 and yet, it’s 1am and you’re still wide awake. You’ve been tossing and turning all night thinking about work the next day – more like stressing about work. This is totally unhealthy.

4. Friday is your “happy day” and you wish weekend to come soon.

Actually, if you are the average working person, the weekend is a sigh of relief. At least, you can do your shopping, watch a movie with friends or catch up on your book. The problem is when you want weekend to come because you’d sleep due to tiredness. Something is really wrong here.

5. People at work ask you all the time – “Are you OK?”

This is a red flag. Even people around you at work can feel the tension in you.

6. You find excuses to escape lunch or dinner invites for work purposes.

Part of your work is to “schmooze” with clients by dining with them. If you’re burned out, you’d tell them elaborate excuses like it’s your dog’s birthday or your dieting. Good luck.

7. Mondays is your nervous wreck day because you need to work.

Enough said.

8. You always tell yourself to quit your job.

If you are always reminding yourself that you need a job change but you’re still there, then, your truly burned out. Just quit already to regain your sanity.

9. Talking about your job to others is making you wanna vomit, figuratively speaking.

People who are happy with their jobs often speak highly of what they do to their acquaintances, friends and loved ones. But if you are not pleased with your job, you’d avoid the subject like a plague.

10. It will be difficult for you to remember the last time you had a positive achievement.

This is how unhappy people are with their work. They forget all the good things about it.

11. You are always venting about how you hate your job.

If this is the case, then, why are you still there? You only need to say two words to end your misery – I QUIT. Clear out your desk and never look back.

12. Judging your co-workers about how inefficient they are is your past time at work.

This is a serious matter. When everything at work, including the people you rub shoulders with, are imbeciles, stupid, idiots and lame, then, it is high time that you get out of that environment because you are poison to them. Leave work and have a break.