12 Ways to Make Your Office Better for Your Health

Happy at Work

They say that you must only work for 8 hours each day – but does that really happen on point? I mean, you love your job and doing it makes you happy which is why for most days, half your day is spent at work. But did you know that being sedentary can be a trigger for anxiety at work? And if you continue to do some unhealthy habits during the day, it can may you mentally and physically stressed.

This is not only for those who go to an office building day in and day out. The statement is also applicable for online workers or for those whose businesses are home based. You need to make your workplace and workstation as “healthy” as possible. Experts provided their suggestions and tips:

12. Stand up, walk a bit and move

Stand up and Move
It is very important to maintain some type of physical activity for every two hours that you sit on your chair. Too much sitting down can result to health perils which are why it is recommended to move around a bit. Robert Graham, MD of Northwell Health System in New York says that movement is not just a health benefit but it will also bring about a rise in work efficiency.

It’s true that work can keep you glued on the desk for hours upon hours but if you are right in front of a PC, laptop or your smartphone, you can always use computer programs or applications which can remind you to take a break. There are also apps now that provide exercise at the office. Use that to you advantage.