13 Mistakes Everyone Makes At The Grocery Store

Mistake #9: Not asking for what you need and want.

Customer Service

I don’t care what people say behind my back but when I need something, I ask the CS for it. One day, while shopping at this out of town grocery, I noticed that they didn’t have organic fruit. So, me being me, I went to one of the staff who was busy punching prices. I asked her where the organic fruits were and she said with a black face – we don’t usually sell that and she went right back to work. Rude much, oh yeah!

So, I went to the manager and confirmed if this was real. He gave me a smile and called the same employee. It just so happens that the boxes of organic fruits just arrived and that they just haven’t put it on the shelves. The other one worked on it fast and I got my fruits in a jiffy. See? If you ask, you will get it.