13 Surprisingly High-Calorie Foods

There are some nutritious foods that are really good for the health but in the calorie aspect, it’s really high. Almonds and walnuts are in this category. Salad dressing is also on the list. The question is that can I still eat these nutrient-enriched foods even though they are high in calories? Well, of course, you still can – you need these foods. Your body will function better if you eat it. You just have to be conservative in your servings and eat it in moderation.

Whole Grain BreadWhole Grain

Just to be clear, whole grain is different from whole wheat. Whole wheat bread comes from a whole wheat kernel in its entirety and no mixing of other similar food. Whole grain, on the other hand, is bread that comes from whole grain kernels.

Now, as for whole grain bread, one slice is about 109 calories. This slice is big and like the size of a floppy disk (if you remember the nineties with its floppy disk that is super thin in square size). A medium size is 70 calories and it is 25% smaller.

Anyway, if you check the calorie count of white bread, whole grain bread is a bit higher. Still, it is a healthier choice compared to white bread because of its fiber content. White bread only has .8 of a gram in fiber per slice whereas the whole grain bread can supply 3 grams.