3 Delicious Ways to Take Your Iced Coffee to the Next Level And More

Iced Coffee

Coffee lovers take their coffee in every possible way. They want it hot in the morning to perk them up and keep their senses alive. Some take their coffee cold and iced during snack time (thank you, Starbucks!) and more often, these iced coffees are with flavor or added ingredients. But what else can you do to make coffee drinking a better experience? Before we tackle that, let’s talk a little bit about coffee.

What is coffee?

Coffee is a drink from coffee beans that are either ground or roasted. The coffee beans come from a plant called Coffea plant and the beans are from the berries of this Coffea plant. If you look at it closely, coffee has no calories but it has high caffeine content. This is the reason why when you smell coffee, you will instantly feel that energy – the aroma brings about that change. It’s because of the caffeine.

Anyway, it has no fat. It has a bit of Sodium, 2 milligrams to be exact and 49 milligrams of Potassium. This value is from a 100 gram serving. Coffee has so many variants – decaf, java, espresso, Americano, caffe latte, macchiato and a lot more. Like I said earlier, a coffee lover may have tasted all of this because after all, with ice or no ice, with milk, sugar and cream or none, it is still coffee.

Benefits of coffee

It has a lot of health benefits but the most common benefit is that coffee is rich in antioxidants. Now, if you keep on drinking coffee (assuming it is not sugar or cream loaded), you will reap of the benefits of antioxidants too like fighting against free radicals that can cause cancer, cleansing the body of impurities and toxins, and keeping the skin youthful, among others. Coffee can also lower the risk of diabetes, heart ailments, Alzheimer’s, depression, Parkinson’s and to be honest, a lot more.

Now, how can you enjoy your coffee other than the regular “black cuppa”?

If you are open-minded, try to switch your regular black cup with something contemporary and cold. Yes, you got that right. You must try iced coffee. It’s trendy and refreshing plus, you will have your usual dose of caffeine, in a fun way. And with that, there are at least 3 delicious ways to take your iced coffee to the next level.

Try your iced coffee with different shapes of ice.

Shaped Ice

Prepare your usual coffee with some cream and a bit of sugar too. When you have arrived at the right level of sweetness with your creamy coffee, drop the heart-shaped, diamond-shape or coned-shape ice. How cool is that? You can even put coloring in your ice and make red, yellow, purple or green ice.

It would be nice to put edible flowers too.

Edible Flowers

I know some people who put edible flowers in their iced coffee and they love it. Some flowers have a strong taste while others are mild and sweet. Just a bit of caution, though. A friend of mine tried the Allium edible flower and she had an allergic reaction. For me, I didn’t have that effect. I think, it depends upon the person’s sensitivity to plants.

Coffee Popsicle is a thing too.

Coffee Popsicle

Tired of drinking coffee, cold or hot, from the cup? Well, you can make it into popsicles. You just need a Popsicle tray and other ingredient to add to it like chocolate chips, brown beans, and vanilla extract or whatever else you like and let it all freeze. This is a great summer time snack even for kids who love the taste of coffee.