3 Salt-Free Ways To Flavor Your Food (For Those With High Blood Pressure)

No Salt

The body needs salt to function properly but there is a limit. In a day, you can only consume 1,500 milligrams. The American Heart Association says that you can go a bit higher the 1,500 but the upper limit is 2,300 milligrams.

The problem is that the average sodium intake of Americans can go as high as 3,400 which are more than twice the recommended daily allowance. Is this good or is this bad? What do you think? This is very bad because too much sodium in the body can trigger a mountain of illnesses, one of which is hypertension.

Hypertension is the condition in which a person has an increased and above normal blood pressure. So, yes – it is high blood pressure. According Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the ratio of American adults with high blood pressure is 1:3. This is very alarming because it means that a third of the adult population in America is hypertensive and this illness can be fatal – think, heart failure, stroke, and kidney disease, among others.

You can always reverse that problem and that is if you reduce your sodium intake or keep it at a low. It will be hard at first but if your aim is “not to die early”, you will have to suck it up and stop eating too much sodium-enriched foods.

Anyway, here are 3 salt-free ways to flavor your food – for the healthier option.



The best thing about lemon is its blend of sour flavors and that special zest which can literally change the recipe from bland to BAM! It can truly alter the taste of your food by just squeezing the juice out and letting it fill the meat with its goodness or drenching the veggies of its strikingly sour but lovely taste. You can even leave it on top of your meat before baking and it will come out delicious. It is just so good.

Lemons can help the digestive system function normally because it is rich in citric acid. This acid is a power acid as it burns and breaks down protein, carbs and fats. Now, give this fruit a try instead of dressing your chicken, pork, beef or fish with salt. You’d be healthier.



Think about rosemary, basil, dill, parsley and chives. These five herbs are just some of the substitutes you can use instead of salt. The flavor will be so rich and yet, without the salt, you will be lessening the chances of getting sick. Aside from that, the added bonus to this is less fat and less sugar in your meals thanks to these herbs.

So, you are wondering how to use rosemary, basil, dill, parsley and chives? Well, for simple cooking ways, rosemary can be infused as a flavoring for chicken. You can also use it as a topper to your salad and roasted veggies. The great thing about rosemary though is that it can facilitate de-stressing of the digestive tract.

As for basil, you can chop it and add oil with garlic to make pesto paste. Yum! Dill is great with steamed vegetables especially carrots. Parsley and chives are best to add in an omelet.

Salt-less Seasoning Mixes

Salt Free

Read the label well – it says SALT-LESS or SALT-FREE Seasoning Mixes. There are many seasoning mixes out in the market that are filled with sodium. You do not need that and if you are used to foods that are not flavorless, this can be your salt-free option.

You can use packets of this salt-free seasoning mix to marinate your meat or during the cooking process. It may not be as tasty as those regular seasoning mixed but the good thing about this one is that you don’t have to worry about water retention and high blood pressure.