These 3 Snacks Will Help You Re-Focus


Have you ever experienced getting out of focus at work especially during Wednesdays or Thursdays? It’s just that you feel the weekend vibe already and you are yearning of it. So, you sometime zone out and leave the work undone.

Hey, it’s still a work day and the list is still long. You have to do it; otherwise, you won’t have a fun weekend to look forward to. If your mental clarity is a bit out of sync, there are snacks that can fix it all up in a jiffy. You have to eat foods that promote cognitive performance and of course, uplift your mood. End your week with a bang by eating these focus-enhancing foods.

These 3 snacks will help you re-focus…

MORNING SNACK – Greek Yogurt with walnuts and berries


Sometimes, you feel sleepy in the morning even after you have eaten your breakfast. Well, you can always turn to Greek yogurt just to perk your senses up a bit. Add some walnuts and berries to that and you are good to go for the whole day.

It will also be beneficial for your health if you eat Greek yogurt every single day. It has been revealed that Greek yogurt can lessen your anxiety issues due to its probiotics content. The gut-friendly live bacteria in Greek yogurt will relieve you of your stressed self and will release a positive vibe. You will instantly feel good just by eating the yogurt.

In choosing your Greek yogurt, it would be best to go for the regular ones without flavor. While the non-fat Greek yogurt or low-fat ones are, well, zero fat and possibly lower in calories, it has high sugar content. Just read the labels before buying Greek yogurt in the grocery.

Now, moving on to walnut and berries…

Walnuts are known as a brain food. It may look funny and wobbly, but walnuts are one of the healthiest nuts in the “nut world”. It is a very rich source of fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6. These fatty acids are great in supporting the nervous system. Now, do you know why you have to eat it? It improves your mood for the day and it also keeps your mind sharp. Your memory will also be improved.

As for berries, it is a super nutritious fruit. It is full in antioxidants which fight off free radicals. These free radicals can promote the growth of cancer inside the body. The antioxidants clears it up and makes it go away – explaining it in a simple manner.

So, what is its connection with focus? Berries are responsible for protecting the brain from getting stressed and from acquiring degenerative issues. It will help in keeping the brain from getting too jittery and from deteriorating.

Afternoon Snack – Broccoli and Red Bell Peppers with Hummus


Broccoli is in the top 15 miracle foods of all time. We have also recently learned that red bell peppers are really good for the health and as for hummus, well; it is a protein-rich food. What other snack can beat this?

If you need an afternoon jolt, this is the snack to eat. Don’t turn to processes foods like burger or chips. It can make your brain memory go down the drain. You don’t need this. What you need is uplift, right? Well, this snack is it.

This snack is rich in Vitamin C, among other nutritional benefits. Now, for a tired and bored worker like you, Vitamin C is what you need. It will not only restore your body’s immune system function, it will also regulate your cortisol levels. This will get you out of the “tired” and “stressed” mood.

EVENING SNACK – Banana, Pistachio and Chamomile Tea


Yes, you are not at work in the evening. But it will affect your performance in the morning if you don’t relieve yourself of the negative feel and stressed vibes. You need to eat a banana, a handful of pistachios and sip some chamomile tea. These three foods together will surely calm you down and improve your mind power function.

Banana and pistachio are both known to contain Vitamin B6. This will relax your body and mind from any stressors that you so frantically feel. It will “organize” your brain and leave it in a peaceful mode at night. The amino acids in these foods will release melatonin which will make you too relaxed and drowsy that you’ll have the best night sleep.

Chamomile tea has been clinically proven to combat depression and anxiety so drink lots of it. In fact, drink it every night before you go to sleep. Who doesn’t want to be depression-free and anxiety-less, right? This is the best night snack ever!

When you wake up in the morning and it is still Thursday, guess how your mood will be? Yes, too happy that it’s workday, Thursday! Keep it up!