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3 Unexpected Reasons Why You’re Overeating


It could be stress or worry. These are the common reasons as to why a person overeats. Eating to pass time because he is worried about something or eating to forget about his or her personal stress. The issues are different from one person to another but the root cause is always the same – the mouth never ceases to gulp down food even if the person is not hungry because the hand, the mouth and the brain are all synced and stressed or worried.

Once in a while this happens and this is not something to be guilty of. It occurs even to the best of us when at one point, you just don’t know what to do and you cry your eyes out with a gallon of Chocolate Chip Cookie ice cream. This “once in a while” must not happen every day because if it does, it will be bad for your health.

Mindless eating is another thing. This is when you just grind away whatever comes to your level of vision – your son’s leftover pie, half a bag of Cheetos, some fries on the table and whatever else is there. If you eat like this, chances are that you will be overweight or obese in no time.

But could there be other reasons as to why people tend to eat mindlessly? Here are 3 unexpected reasons why you’re overeating.

You are eating the “trigger food”.

What is this “trigger food”? This is the best way to explain it.

A person won’t eat a cup of sugar on its own. He would also not eat a cup of salt by itself. But if you mix that cup of sugar and some salt with butter, you can just imagine how irresistible this “trigger food” can be. Yes, that’s trigger food – a food that is a combination of fat (butter), salt (well, the salt) and sweet (which is the sugar). In the end, those three ingredients mixed, it’s called frosting.

Don’t you just love frosting? And truth be told, you can never get enough of it, right? Dr. David Kessler, an author on books about overeating, says that the combination of these three things even if it is mixed with healthy foods will surely wreak havoc on the overeating area.

For example – you are preparing a salad full of greenies. This is healthy. But as you top it with sauce made of oil with sugar and salt, then, you have a big problem. Wondering why you can’t stop eating the salad and want more of the sauce? That’s the “trigger food” we’re talking about! What’s the solution to that? All the will and the discipline, up to the last ounce in your whole body must be put into it so you can say STOP and close your mouth.

You are fond of artificial sweeteners.

So, you think you skipped the calories by picking artificial sweeteners over sugar? Well, you’re wrong. This is what’s making you eat mindlessly – artificial sweeteners, even if it advertises ZERO CALORIE content, contains sucralose.

And what is sucralose? It is an ingredient in artificial sweeteners that the body cannot break down, meaning it doesn’t go through the natural process of the body. You can eat a lot of it and yet the body will not accept it. This is bad, truly.

Research shows that artificial sweeteners containing sucralose is harmful for the body. In the easiest explanation, the body will tell the person to stop eating when it is full. Now, no matter how many artificial sweeteners you eat, the body/brain will not respond to it and say YOU’RE ALREADY FULL, STOP EATING. Instead, the body will continue to eat and eat and eat and eat because of the sucralose. This is the bad part that causes overeating.

You lack sleep.

People who sleep less at night tend to overeat during the day. This is to compensate for the lack of sleep and for the main reason as to why they lacked the sleep. There are numerous studies and researches about this. A lot of health problems spring from lack of sleep.

If the body only sleeps for 4 hours each day, the person will tend to overeat due to reduced sleep. The National Center for Biotechnology Information mentioned this and it was supplemented by their research titled “Sleep restriction leads to increased activation of brain regions sensitive to food stimuli.” which is authored by St-Onge Mp and et al.

From the same site which is the NCBI, the study titled “Impact of insufficient sleep on total daily energy expenditure, food intake, and weight gain” by Markwald and et al, it showed that insufficiency of night time shut eye can lead to being overweight or worse, obesity. Another study also showed basically the same observations – the study titled “Short sleep duration, glucose dysregulation and hormonal regulation of appetite in men and women.” proved that people who has short sleep are susceptible to binge eating.

How to solve this?

– Stop eating sugary foods.
– Say no to artificial sweeteners.
– Limit gadget use at night and turn it off an hour before sleeping.
– Set a sleeping habit at night and make sure that you get enough sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours.
– Chamomile tea can help relax the body and promote sleepiness.