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3-Week Challenge: Get That Summer Body!

Can the 3-week challenge make you lose a maximum of ten pounds?

Lose Ten Pounds

Yes, in three weeks, you can safely lose weight. The maximum number of pounds that a person can lose in a week without health complications is 2 pounds. Give or take, in a month, it is considered healthy to shed off 10 pounds.

But, if you are in excess of 100 pounds, the 3-week challenge can be your starting point. You have to be realistic, though. You will not lose 100 pounds in three weeks. Get this in your system and don’t over-expect. If the 3-week challenge says that you can trim off at most 10 pounds by the end of the period, then, that is it. You have 3 weeks and 10 pounds to lose.

Now, if you are 100 pounds beyond your normal weight range, it will take you at least 10 months of working out and eating healthily to melt it all off. Look at it this way – next summer, you will have that beach body and you will be physically healthy too. It is a win-win situation and you can start doing that right now with this 3-week challenge.