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3-Week Challenge: Get That Summer Body!

For those who want to lose the last 10 pounds in 3 weeks, what is the secret to doing it hard and fast?

Hard And Fast

The secret is losing or burning as much calories as you can while performing combination exercises. How do the professionals achieve that?

For example, you are doing a squat movement. After one set, you proceed to shoulder presses. It’s like your body continues to pump and burn because the muscles are being utilized one after the other. With that, more calories are expended.

Doing combination exercises is more ideal than the regular exercise. Regular exercise goes like this: you do one set of squats and then, wait for another minute before completing another set. No, that’s not how it goes for the combination workout. You do a set of squats and then, the shoulder press is next without rest. After that, squats again and then, press again until you complete the cycle – that’s when you take your rest. The muscles work harder and it will burn harder too.