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3-Week Challenge: Get That Summer Body!

I’m a MAN, so, what do I focus on if I want to look good?

Man Look Good

It has always been the upper body for the guys. You have to give attention to your chest, shoulders and abs. The chest and shoulders need to be sculpted, broadened and widened to provide an illusion of contour. It will make your waist area seem smaller and from the “lookers” point of view, you are well shaped. But, it doesn’t mean that you can forget about your leg exercises. You need to work it out too, on regular basis.

As for your abs, would you believe that those buns are already there? Yes, as a matter of fact, everyone has abs and no amount of workout can make it shapely. The most important factor of the abs coming out of you and declaring its “scenic value” is the food that you eat. If you are in a strict regimen, then, it will pop out with the help of some core exercises. But, if you continue to eat those junk foods, cheeseburgers and ice cream, your 6-pack will hide inside your tummy forever. And guess what, flabby you!