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3-Week Challenge: Get That Summer Body!

I’m a LADY, so, what do I focus on if I want to look good?

Lady Look Good

The question is what do you want to improve? If your point is to wear a bikini in less than a month, then, it would be best to focus on your core exercises as well as your quads and legs. Remember, thin is not IN, but chunky fit is beautiful. You don’t have to be super waif just to look good in a bikini.

Take a look at Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Knowles. They are not thin at all. But these women embody what “sexy” is – they are comfortable in their own skin, they do a lot of cardio exercises and some weights too, while eating the right kind of foods each day.

Are they perfect? Of course not! Cheat meals is on the menu too – don’t deprive yourself. Give in, once in a while.