4 Foods That Are Making Your Memory Worse


When you hear the phrase “food for thought”, what comes to your mind? It could be eating foods to make your mind work better. Well, this is true considering there are foods that can really increase your mental capacity. These foods are called “brain foods” and more often; these are nutritious and delicious foods too.

But, if there are good foods to eat, most meals in the Western countries are – let’s face it – complete junk. Additives are mixed in with the meals and preservatives are added to make the food last longer or taste better. It’s not real food. These foods are synthetic, to say the least. These junk meals can expedite the deterioration of your brain.

The Brigham and Women’s Hospital piloted a study which included 6,000 elder individuals. Their diet was observed and recorded for five years – this is to check their cognitive function and verbal memory. After five years, an astounding discovery was made.

Those participants who were fond of eating foods rich in saturated fats exhibited very low cognitive and verbal memory scores. On the other hand, those who often ate foods that contained MUFAs or monounsaturated fatty acids – the good kind of fats – had a higher number.

It was also studied in Harvard – a gene named APOE is connected with the cholesterol levels in a person’s body and this can affect the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Now, first things first. This problem must be stopped. To do so, and for your information, here are 4 foods that are making your memory worse.

Foods Filled with Saturated Fats


What are these foods? Everything that tastes like heaven is in this category. You know it – it’s your bacon, pork sausage, chorizo, pepperoni, ham, beef fat, cheese, chicken skin, lard, butter and more. Dr. Christopher Calapai from New York explains that eating foods filled with saturated fats on a regular basis will affect your brain function big time.

To clear out the air in a non-medical way, here is the blow. The saturated fats create this APOE which will then mutate inside the body and create a variation. This variation will clog the brain and it will become like plaque. Brains cells won’t be able to function properly and Alzheimer’s is on the way.


Refined Foods


You will read it from anywhere in the internet universe, one must eat WHOLE GRAIN foods and if possible, kick REFINED GRAIN foods to the curb. Refined foods are the white bread, corn bread, white rice, flour, couscous, pretzels, pasta, corn flakes and a whole lot more.

Actually, it doesn’t stop there. You must stay away from refined sugars like pastries, cakes, candy, table sugar, fructose, dairy-filled desserts, juice drinks and the likes. Eating too much refined foods will not only affect your mental health. It will also make you overweight or worse, obese.

Refined foods contain a high glycemic index and when a person eats a food which has a high GI, the brain will get inflamed. When the brain is swelling, it will not perform properly. If this happens regularly, then, Alzheimer will progress easily.

Do you want that?

Partially Hydrogenated Oil Foods


Do you like ready to use coffee creamers? How about margarine (the cheap sister of butter), pre-made baked goods and packaged snacks? Are you a fan of fried foods? (Hey, don’t you dare lie!) Well, it is a certainty that you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions. Well, these foods, they contain partially hydrogenated oil. And according to nutrition experts, this is the worst food category in the whole wide world.

These are not exactly foods. It is a toxin, an additive – when you eat foods that contain this ingredient, your body cannot break it down because it is so unnatural and very synthetic. Now, if the body can’t process it, the oil will stay within and cause havoc inside. That havoc pertains to Alzheimer’s and heart ailments, as well.

They also call it trans-fat. At least now you know.

Sugar-Filled Foods


You can only consume 6 teaspoons of sugar each day. That is the recommended daily allowance for a healthy adult in the US. Now, if you eat more than that, prepare to experience some of these health issues – obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and more. It can also cause swelling of the brain and this can ultimately lead to Alzheimer’s.

Aside from that, too much sugar in your system can activate depression. After the sugar high, there will be a feeling of sadness or being low. So, it’s really not advisable to eat too much sugar-filled foods.