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4 Sexy Adult Stars on How They Stay Fit

Adult Actresses portraying sexy roles bank on their bodies and people are so engrossed with how small their waist lines is or if they hit the size 0 to 2 mark. Their followers want to know how they eat, what they eat, if they work out or not and such. I mean it’s entertainment and at least, there’s something to talk about.

And it got me thinking – what do these sexy porn stars do with their amazing bodies? Most of them are like flawless. They have abs. Their skin is so smooth on video. And their legs are incredible. Could it be all about plastic surgery or maybe, just maybe, they have this Porn diet thing that Hollywood actress Gabriel Union was talking about recently?

Long story short, how do porn stars stay super sexy and in shape all these years?

Four of the sexiest porn stars in Adult films today reveal their secrets on diet, workout and mental attitude. They are Dana de Armond (34), Asa Akira (29), Chanel Preston (28) and Jessie Andrews (21). They have explained how they handle their work stress in the Adult film world, and the way they eat and how they keep their body shapely.

These stars are doing their fair share of exercise

Dana de Armand used to do the Barre method. It made her bulk up a bit so she recently put it on hold. But Dana now is too well-endowed (Have you seen her booty? It’s to die for!). She says that if she gains a bit of weight, it’s ok since she’s tall and it won’t make a lot of difference, for now.


Asa Akira says that she loves to work out. She used to do it seven days a week but she realized that a time off from working out is also needed. She swears by Barry’s Boot Camp and has been doing it for about 3 to 4 years. Asa also loves to do yoga and tells everyone that she is an exercise addict.


Chanel Preston is not a regular workout buff at the gym but she goes there once in a while. She does have an active lifestyle, she says, and that includes hiking at the park with her girls and some Pilates. She is not into much of cardio workouts because she doesn’t like to be skinny. She says that skinny porn stars don’t look nice on camera.


Jessie Andrews, maybe because she is a millennial, is into all types of exercise. She hikes. She does boot camp. Jessie loves hot yoga too and is quite an athlete. The porn star plays bowling and dodgeball. She also says that when she shops, she does all of the bag carrying which is a good strengthening workout.

They eat like normal people too and maintain a healthy lifestyle

If you ask Dana, she will tell you that she is not fond of crash dieting and the likes. She eats a lot of meat and bread but if she feels heavy, Dana eliminates carbohydrates from her meals for a few weeks. Dana will proclaim of her being a carnivore and not vegan but yeah, she watches what she eats and craves for bacon too like her fans, the regular Joe’s and Jane’s. Dana also revealed her eating style – if she wants to eat something fatty or sweet, what she does is to eat half a serving just to satisfy the thirst and it works really great for her. She doesn’t order fast food which is good and processed food is not her type. The great thing about Dana is that she is totally disciplined when it comes to pizza, pastries, alcohol and especially drugs.

Asa is not afraid to eat chipotle and a whole box of pizza but she doesn’t do it every day. She has this binge meal once a week wherein she can eat anything she wants without portions. She loves Thai food too. But on a daily basis, Asa is more of a salad eater without the fatty dressing.

Chanel Preston says that she doesn’t believe in dieting. In fact, she says, she doesn’t find it necessary to do but she takes care of her body really well and doesn’t eat junk food, fast food and gluten rich meals. As of late, the sexy star has been eating gluten-free meals and she is healthier than ever. Worrying about food is not in her list of priorities.

As for Jessie, she said that she used to pig out. She considered Starbucks drinks to be a staple in her diet. McDonald’s too but now, she says, that she knows better. She doesn’t eat fast food, white bread and milk. Kale is her go-to food these days and she mixes it up with chicken, beef or fish. She is also juicing her fruits and veggies. If she binges, she says, it will be organic milk chocolate and frozen peanut butter cups.

They love their body image

Dana de Armond

Dana says that curvy girls are sexy girls too. She explains that her 5 foot 8 frame is only 125 pounds at the moment and wears a size 2. If she gets bigger and heavier, say up to 140 pounds, she will still look and feel sexy. She wants her big butt and breasts and doesn’t like it when people see her as someone who’s skinny. She says that she loves a curvier physique. But she did undergo a liposuction surgery a few years back just to smoothen her curves as she didn’t want to look fake and unrealistic. Dana just says that for her, she has a body image standard which encompasses everything mentioned.

Asa Akira

Asa have accepted the reality that not everyone will love how you look like. Some will hate your body but there will be some who will like how it looks. Is she bothered by it? Well, no. What she does is that she just goes on with her life and does what is necessary. For now, Asa is using a machine that freezes the fatty cells on her waist. Eventually, these fatty cells will die and be excreted. She says that it worked great for her and some people noticed the smaller waistline. With that, she’s happy. She had her breasts done but it’s not too big. Her term was – make it better. She just wants everyone to know that plastic surgery can be addictive and so, use it with care and discipline.

Chanel has no issues whatsoever with how other people perceive her. But she is a human being and she has some little issues in her midsection which is a common problem for everyone, right?

Jessie is not stressed out over her body image. She just wants to look better on cam since the extra 15 pounds on TV is real. For her, she knows that she can’t please everybody because others love thicker women while some are into the thin ones. She got over that and brushed it aside. Jessie is happy with how she looks like and tells everyone to be contented of what they have, be yourself and feel good about it.