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4 Things Elle MacPherson Does to Stay in Shape

Elle Then

Who is Elle MacPherson? Well, she just happens to be one of the most sought after super models back in the eighties and nineties. They used to call her “The Body”. See the picture above you? That’s Elle MacPherson back in the day – when she would strut on the runway and be flawless in front of the cameras. Elle had and still have an amazing body, that’s because this super model does some things to make her mind, body and soul in great shape.

Would you believe it if I tell you that Elle MacPherson, this Australian Goddess, is now 52 years old? Does she really look 52 to you? Well, she is and she is proud of it. She would never forget to mention her age every time someone brought up the topic.

This almost 6-foot beauty says that her road to body wellness is one of the reasons why she set up her luxury skin care product business, among other ventures that she spearheaded. This five-time cover model for Sports Illustrated (record holder) wanted to share her tips for everyone to benefit.

Elle and her Sleeping Tea

The entrepreneur-slash-model swears by The Super Elixir™. She told her interviewer that back then, she would only get four hours sleep because of her toxic work schedule. Elle knows that this is not good for the body which is why she had to rearrange everything and asked her manager to give her time for rest. Today, Elle sleeps for seven hours straight because she needs the rest. She also drinks her sleeping tea, as she calls it.

Alternative to The Super Elixir™ – if you can’t buy this, then, opt for some chamomile tea at least an hour before you go to sleep at night. When you are in bed, stop all the gadgets. You need to condition your mind to sleep. That’s how Elle does it.

Elle and her Spa Retreat


It may be too posh for some but everybody who has the means for it must go to a spa retreat once in a while. This retreat will be for the body and mind altogether.

As for Elle, she has a ranch in Malibu that is covered in pure nature bliss. She walks 14 miles a day and eats vegan food. Elle surrounds herself with good people to copy their positive vibes.

What you can do if you don’t have the time (and money) for spa retreat – make sure that the kids, if you have any, are with your parents or a sitter so that you can enjoy the day. First, start with a walk in your neighborhood just to pump up your cardiovascular system. After that, you can prepare some refreshing and fresh fruit juice with a complete salad meal. This complete meal contains protein, whole grains, dairy, fat and fruits. Lastly, for your relaxing treat – an hour soak in your tub with lavender bubbles. Doing it Elle-style without the big bucks, yeah?

Elle and her Skin Care System

There is a glow in Elle that cannot be denied. This 52-year-old mother of two is simply radiant. She attributes that to using an effective skin care system for the last 30 years. She also said that if there is no job or if she doesn’t have to face the camera, she won’t put on make-up.

She also regularly visits her dermatologist, Dr. Jean- Louis Sebagh. Elle swears by the CTM regimen which is the “cleanse, tone and moisturize” system. The fact that Elle doesn’t look over 40 even if she is 10 years older in real life is because of her lessened wrinkles and fine lines.

What Elle wants you to understand about the skin – you have to start early in terms of moisturizing since this will help your skin maintain its youthfulness. It doesn’t matter if you have oily skin. You must use a moisturizer to fit your skin type. Do this now. Women in their twenties, start moisturizing now.

Elle and her Workout Regimen

Elle Now

Elle is an exercise enthusiast. Each day, it is in her to-do list. It will always be 60 minutes of power workout for Elle, every single day.

She loves to do some boxing. This is her “sweat program” as of late. Elle is also fond of long hikes (14 mile walking spree, hello!) and swimming too. She is a very active person, no wonder she maintains her body shape even at her prime age.

You don’t have the time to work out? Well, if you are a busy mom, read this. You will have the time to work out after reading this article.

If you are always in the office, do these exercises at work. These moves are fun and easy to do.

And if you are out of shape, try HIIT. It will work for you.

Be like Elle, you can do it!