5 Arm Exercises Without Weights

Manly Arms

For some men, arms are everything. They pump iron on a day to day basis just to get it to bulk up. It’s all about the physical appearance. If they have arms like Captain America, Hulk or Thor, they feel manly and indeed, they are strong.

But this is the real world and you don’t have to be a celebrity just to look hot. You can always sculpt those arms of yours anytime you want. All you need is your willingness to do it. No machines. Equipment is unnecessary, not even a trip to the gym is required. Of course, going to the gym for a total body workout will do you wonders but if arms are your concern, you can always use your body weight to tone it.

For best results, it is recommended that you perform a ten minute cardio warm up exercise before doing this free of weights arm exercises. It is also best to do these exercises up to four times a week for faster results. To get you going, you can always brisk walk, bike around your neighborhood or jog for ten minutes – these three exercises is great as a warm up. After that, you can do some stretching which is very important and then, proceed with the arm exercises.