5 Breakfast Foods You Should Be Eating And 5 You Shouldn’t


Nutritionists and dietitians have always stated the fact about eating a healthy breakfast. When you start the day right by consuming a nutrient-packed meal, you are telling your body that it needs to be in tiptop shape all day long which means mental alertness and continuous burning of calories. The Rush University Medical Center researched about this and found out that eating breakfast can decrease a person’s BMI or body mass index.

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has their own study to prove that breakfast is really the most important meal of the day. They discovered that if you eat breakfast, there is a big possibility of being able to lose weight more so when the meal is at most 30% of the calories you need for the day. Healthy breakfast means more whole grain carbohydrates and lean protein instead of sugar and saturated fat meals.

Now, what are the foods to eat to keep you healthy and may assist in losing weight? Which breakfast meals are good for you?

Here are five breakfast meals that you should eat and another five that you shouldn’t.