5 Breakfast Foods You Should Be Eating And 5 You Shouldn’t



There is nothing more perfect than eating an oatmeal breakfast. When you say oatmeal breakfast, it means a serving of rolled oats or oatmeal or a combination of both. Added to the mix are a 80-100 ml of whole milk, a handful or roasted almonds or walnuts and a serving of berries. This is a complete meal and thus makes it a perfect breakfast.

Oats are carbohydrate foods and whole grains too. It means that the kernels used to make the oats are intact – fiber has not been stripped off unlike the refined foods. Oats are very nutritious and it is very good for the heart health too. It is known to lower bad cholesterol levels, decrease high blood pressure, assist in weight loss and regulate Type 2 diabetes issues.

You can have it hot or cold – cold being an overnight oatmeal breakfast. If you add the other foods mentioned, it will keep you going for the whole morning without having to eat snacks until lunch. It is not just a healthy food; it is fulfilling too.