5 Breakfast Foods You Should Stop Eating, According to a Nutritionist


If you have kids and you’re working at the same time, your mornings are usually hectic. It involves waking them up which is a real chore – I mean – this is some heavy parenting stuff here. Another way to add to the stress in the morning is getting them to take a bath. How many times do you have to count your fingers just so that your kids will hurry up? You’re like a sports coach at school, always shouting at the top of their lungs.

Aside from that, you need to fix up a little bit in the house, clean the kitchen if you don’t want it to pile up at night and maybe check the laundry room to adjust the washing machine accordingly. There are just so many things to do!

And then, your kids come out and ask for FOOD. What can you prepare for them that are fast and easy? Well, you have acai breakfast bowls, egg white omelet, conventional yogurt, and trail mix. And you put sugar-free sweeteners on your coffee. These are healthy foods, right?


We all thought that these foods were super foods. They’re good to eat and full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Now, these supposedly healthy meals are bad for you? Carly Brawner, health specialist and holistic nutrition expert talks about these foods and explains how these are not healthy breakfast meals.

Acai Breakfast Bowl

Acai Bowl

Acai breakfast bowl is not healthy? I mean, are you serious about this or are you pranking me? No pranks here. This is the real deal. There are just some misconceptions on the matter, though. Acai fruit and juice are very nutritious if eaten as is and without other sugary foods. If I ask you, what’s in YOUR acai bowl?

Your bowl includes acai berry, of course, and what else? Some high calorie fruits like mangoes, bananas and grapes. Oh, don’t forget the vanilla ice cream (you think it’s a substitute for milk, anyway) and a bit of oatmeal. Now, look at your bowl. Is it the definition of nutritious and healthy eating? Hmmm…

Making a breakfast bowl with acai as your focus food is a bit tricky. If you want it healthy for breakfast, then, you need to add carbohydrates, proteins and sugars to the mix. While Acai is a powerful antioxidant, it’s also packed with natural sugars. You can’t go on with your day by just eating natural sugars. Even if acai is healthy, it’s still sugar food and sugar can’t fuel your day. You need carbs. The best and healthiest option for that is grain-free granola. It must be grain-free, ok?

So, you have natural sugar and carbs. How about for protein? Can you add meat to the mix? Of course no! If you like an authentic Acai breakfast bowl and you’re looking for a protein addition to it, then, go for seeds and nuts like almonds or pumpkin seeds. All these ingredients combined with some more berries and a little bit of banana with citrus fruits, this is the real Acai breakfast bowl. Hope you understood the concept of that.

Egg White Omelet

Egg White

Egg white is healthy, no doubt about that. But if you eat egg white only for a prolonged period of time, then, that’s not advisable as well. You should eat at least 1-2 egg yolks each week. While there are many benefits in eating egg whites, eating a whole egg once or twice a week proves to be healthier for you than just consuming egg whites.

What is in an egg yolk that’s not present in egg whites? Well, egg yolks are rich in vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin B. It also has iron and selenium. These nutrients are absent in egg whites and you need these vitamins and minerals in your system too. But, you can’t eat egg yolks every day too. This is to avoid increasing your bad cholesterol and be sure to buy organic eggs.

Conventional Yogurt


Yogurt is so DELICIOUS! I find it creamy and its sweet-sour taste just explodes in the mouth, doesn’t it? We add it on our cereal or use it for making smoothies. But why is it on the “stop eating” list? I know for sure that yogurt is super healthy. My mom said that it has good bacteria that keep the tummy healthy. Good bacteria are called probiotics and there are millions of these living organisms in a single serving of yogurt. Basically, that’s true.

But what’s not healthy is conventional yogurt made from conventional milk which was extracted from conventional cow. Conventional cow is not healthy at all which makes the conventional yogurt not a healthy breakfast combo. Dairy coming from conventional cows are not good and most yogurts come from them.

What is a conventional cow and why is it bad for your health? Conventional cows are unnatural. In order for them to get big and fat in a short amount of time, they are being given antibiotics, hormones for quick growth, harmful steroids and their diet is composed mainly of GMO corn and that type of corn is rich in pesticide and herbicide. All of these bad elements are being absorbed by the conventional cows and when milk is taken from these cows, the “harmful junk” goes with it. So, now do you see why it’s not healthy?

If you really want some yogurt, be sure to buy those coming from organic farms or grass-fed cows. Organic yogurt is by far the healthiest probiotic foods that you could ever eat. It’s low in sugars and no preservatives. And be sure to buy those that are not fat-free. Otherwise, there would be additional processing and more nutrients are eliminated.


Sugar Free

You think that using sugar-free sweeteners in your breakfast coffee is good, right? Well, again, you’re wrong. Fake sugar is really bad for you. It can cause obesity, insulin problems, glucose levels heightened, elevated blood pressure, and hypertension, among others. Did you ever think that there is a substitute for sugar that’s zero calories and fat-free which doesn’t contain loads of chemicals? Dream on. Splenda, Equal and all those other names that pretend to be healthy options for sugar are filled with sucralose and aspartame.

Sucralose has a component which proves to be cancerous. Aspartame can cause terrible headaches because it’s too sweet (150 times sweeter than sugar) and it is believed to be a trigger for brain tumors. These two artificial sweeteners, they are deadly. AVOID IT.

So, what can you eat that’s sweet and not carcinogenic? Well, there’s honey, stevia and sugar cane. All these are great alternatives to sweeten your coffee and other drinks. Actually, sugar is not that bad if taken in moderation. Brown sugar is better than white sugar.

Trail Mix

Trail Mix

Just because trail mix is filled with nutritious peanuts, it becomes a healthy breakfast meal? Ha! There is a very thin line between trail mix and mixed nuts. If you want to nutritious nuts, go for almonds, walnuts, and cashews. It must be roasted and not salted too.

But just to indulge, the problem with trail mix is that it contains chocolate, dried fruit, sweet candies, refined grains and sweeteners. It’s not all-natural and it will only spike your glucose levels. If that happens, it will mess up your metabolic function and eventually, increase bad cholesterol, make your immune system defenseless and the worst of all, it can pump up the cancer cells. Do we want that? Uh, no. Never! So, scratch trail mix as a breakfast meal, ok?