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5 Foods That Actually Boost Serotonin in the Brain

Brain Serotonin

There is no doubt that what you eat can affect how you think. Some of the food you eat can boost performance and some may hamper it. Surely, you have heard of how chocolate makes you feel good and how alcohol dulls your senses. These are just some the most common examples that prove what you can eat can affect what you do.

First, dive in on how serotonin works for the body.

Essentially, serotonin is a transmitter or a neurotransmitter, to be more precise. These things are easily found in the gastrointestinal tract, the blood vessels, and are produced by the brain. They specialize in smooth muscles and transmitting information from neuron to neuron.

Okay, so how does it boost performance? It makes you feel good. When serotonin regulates the cyclic processes, it gives you a relaxed feeling. This is because it is easier for the neurons to transmit information resulting to less stress.

What foods can boost serotonin?


Kimchi Serotonin

The Korean delicacy, known all over the world for its spiciness, can help boost serotonin levels. Koreans and international people alike use kimchi in many mouth-watering delicacies. It is abundant in antioxidants that help cleanse the body. It can combat cancer, digestive problems, and lower bad cholesterol levels. Furthermore, it slows down aging and it fights off obesity. People make kimchi through fermentation.


Kombucha Serotonin

This is a fermented form of bacteria and yeast. Ancient China all too well recommends this delicacy. They also regard it as their drink for immortality. With that, it proves that kombucha already has loads of benefits. Being a kind of tea, you can expect it to be an antioxidant. It also fights against cancer and lessen digestion problems. Another benefit of kombucha is that it helps people lose weight.


Tempeh Serotonin

Fermented soybeans are deep-fried to make tempeh. They are not tofu, though. Tofu is made by curdling, not fermentation. Tempeh is different. It can aid in preventing cancer. Tempeh can also regulate cardiovascular and overall body health and wellness. It lowers the cholesterol, too. In essence, it has the most probiotic content in this list. Tempeh also has protein to help you build muscles.

Miso Paste

Miso Serotonin

A soybean entry from Japan – that’s the miso paste. All benefits of tempeh can also be provided by the miso paste. Both are soy, after all. It uses rice and barley and has the fungus called Kojikin. Miso paste has dietary fiber to help in your daily digestion concerns and it can also relieve high blood pressure easily.


Sauerkraut Serotonin

This German food is in fact a fermented veggie. Vegetables bring us good things in many ways. This kind of chopped cabbage is sentenced to brine and produces that sour, yet tasty flavor. Like all the others, it helps fend off cancers, aids in digestion and has probiotic properties.

You may be wondering how these foods boost serotonin…

The answer is the way these foods are made. They were all fermented. When fermented, food gains phytonutrients which is one of the most helpful nutrients to ever exist in food. This has exceptional benefits, one of which boosts mental health. It creates lactic acid, gives you a positive mood, and reduces bloating. Furthermore, it prevents the onset of depression. You can always start altering your diet with kombucha tea and then follow it with all the others as this can be an acquired taste.