5 Foods to Eat the Week of your Next Date


You are going on a date this weekend. This hunky guy, a friend of your cousin’s office mate, finally asked you out after three long flirting months! And you have seven days to prepare for your big date night. He did tell you to dress fancy. Could it be that you’re going to a posh restaurant? He said formal wear, right? Oh well – it’s just so exciting!

Anyway, you already have the perfect dress and buying shoes to go with that has been done online. As for your body, well, you have always been fit since your exercise almost every day. Working it with yoga so, you are toned. But you want more. Your skin has to be in tiptop shape too.

How can you do that? Is it possible to “overhaul” your skin for the next seven days? Well, lucky for you then because there are 5 foods to eat the week of your next date to make you look and feel good.



If you want the best skin ever, all you have to do is keep your body hydrated at all times. So, why not eat food that will boost your body’s hydration level? One of these foods is the cucumber. Cucumber is a fulfilling vegetable to eat. You can add it in your salad or eat it as is – it is crunchy and will make you full easily. This veggie is filled with water and will definitely keep you hydrated.



Well, salmon is a protein food which is good if you want to lose weight. The best part about this fish is that it is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids. Apart from these fatty acids being good for the heart, it is also great for the skin. People who are deficient of essential fatty acids tend to have super dry and scaly skin. We don’t want that. So, in order to have the skin of a goddess, load up on salmon before the big day.



At times, salmon is difficult to find in your neighborhood wet market or just maybe, you don’t eat salmon or don’t like how it tastes like. Well, if you can’t eat salmon, there is always an alternative. You can eat almonds or walnuts. These two nuts are the best when it comes to healthy eating. It can assist in a healthy weight loss eating plan and of course, it will give you radiant looking skin.

Note: Don’t overdo on the nuts. One piece of almond is like 7 calories and you can eat at least ten in one snack. Also, opt for roasted nut and not the salted ones.



Now, the dress you have is an LBD. LBD, for those who don’t know, means little black dress with an emphasis on “little”. It means that the dress will be smashing on you and yeah, you know it, a bit tight. The downside on tight-fitting clothes is that it will showcase your body flaws.

To combat this, you need to “un-bloat” yourself before the date night. And how can you do that? Well, to flush out all the toxins and the excess water inside your system, you need to eat asparagus. It will make you feel 100 times better and your stomach will be flat as ever.



It may be yucky for some but beets are not just nutritious. It will also make you a focused and attentive person. Actually, this is what you really need. While talking to this hottie on the big date, you have to focus on what he says. You have to be attentive of what he shares with you. You need all the energy you can muster and the beets will supply you with that.

Now that you know the foods which will make you look and feel your best by date night, load up on all of it! You will have flawless skin and you will definitely feel great by then. Who knows where this might lead you…