5 Foods You Should Never Eat

If you are focused on eating right and keeping your intake healthy, then, there are foods that you need to avoid. These are the junk foods (chips), fast food (burger and more), and the sweets (candy). While you try to cut it out from your daily menu, there are other foods that we eat which are super unhealthy – and we didn’t know it!

There are at least fifty foods that you need to stay away from because they are so unhealthy and you might be surprised that these foods are in the list. I mean, how can my favorite food, which I think was super nutritious, turn out to be filled with sugar, fat or sodium. What’s up with that!?

It means extra carbohydrates and of course, added calories with chemicals and preservatives. Anyway, we can’t list all fifty here but there are five foods that you need to watch out for – too much consumption of these are not good for your body.

Coffee Creamer


If you think that coffee creamer is an OK product, well, think again. It has titanium dioxide and that same compound can be found in sunscreen. Yes – sunblock, the lotion you put on your body when you need protection from the rays of the sun. It is hardcore stuff.

When ingested, this additive can damage the liver and muscle tissues. Actually, a study was done on mice and it did all the damage as mentioned. As for humans, it can really cause health problems. Another thing about coffee creamer is the fact that it contains trans-fat and trans-fat can cause memory problems prematurely.

Fruit Drink

Fruit Juice

We all think that fruit juice and fruit drink sold in the market are nutritious. It even has a sign – 100% ALL-NATURAL. Well, check the label first before drinking your “all-natural” fruit drink. The only way you are sure that the drink your consuming is all-natural is when you squeeze it out of the fruit. Otherwise, the boxed drink, they are full of sugar which can lead up to 36 grams of sugar per serving.

(Note: 36 grams of sugar is like eating four Krispy Kreme donuts – seriously!?)

Not only that; fruit drinks with fructose is to be avoided at all costs. It will cause obesity in the long run and it also promotes the growth of visceral adipose tissues which we do not like.

Microwave Popcorn

Microwave Popcorn

Since we thought that popcorn is the best snack of all time – fewer calories and all – well, microwave popcorn is not the same with regular popcorn. You need to steer clear from the microwave option. It is not healthy at all.

If you check the ingredients, you will read something like diacetyl (DA). It can harm brain cells. The bag of the popcorn doesn’t stick, right? Well, that’s because it has perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) which keep the kernels from clumping on the bag. Oh and yeah, it’s toxic. So, think about that.

Salad Dressing

Salad Dressing

If you eat salad, it’s best to use freshly squeezed fruit juices on it rather than buying a bottle of vinaigrette which contain thickening ingredients that can pump up your cancer cells. Natural foods spoil easily and how many months does a bottle of ranch dressing get bad? Yeah, exactly. So,if you want natural, then, always go for natural. Make your own dressing from scratch.

Restaurant Desserts

Restaurant Desserts

What is wrong with restaurant desserts? Is it the sugar? How about the calorie content? Or the fats? Hmm… Combine all three and add sodium in the mix, that’s the unhealthiest food of all. The serving size of a restaurant dessert is shocking. You order one plate or mug of dessert and it will cost you more or less 1,000 calories. Wow. That’s too much, I know. And it also means high blood pressure, stroke, kidney problems and heart disease.