5 Reasons Why Coke Is Bad for You


It is a household name – coke. When you mention soda or a carbonated beverage, the answer is – coke. If you want a thirst quencher, you immediately think of – coke. When you just want to feel good about anything, you reach for a – coke. Everything is connected with coke.

Coca-cola – it is the most famous soft drink brand in the whole world since 1886 when John Pemberton created it. At that time, the ingredients were a lot better than what it has now. It used to be coca leaves extract and kola nut. That’s one of the reasons why John Pemberton called it Coca-Cola. But today, they ingredients are not the same anymore. And frankly, the organic coke is now a health hazard.

The new formula of coke is full of sugar and we all know what excess of sugar consumption can do for the body, right? Anyway, here are 5 reasons why coke is bad for you…