5 Smart Ways To Use Almonds

Almond Smoothie

There are at least 5 articles here in HappyRanker which features almonds. If you are an avid reader, you’ll know that almonds are very nutritious and that in the nut world, it is considered a super food. It is delicious to eat even without salt and it is filling too.

A recent study conducted by scientists from Penn State revealed that if you let go of your carb-filled snack and in place, you grab at most 33 pieces of roasted and unsalted almonds, you will lose fat around your belly and thighs plus, your bad cholesterol is also lessened. This is a fact.

But there was a question that my daughter asked me one day about almonds – Mom, is that the only way to prepare almonds? There are no almond shake? Almond cake? Almond bread? Almond candy?

And so, I told her to stop. It got me thinking too. Almond is so good – are there other ways to prepare it and make it into a really health beneficial meal?

Since I am mom and moms are creative (I have to be or else it will be a warzone at home with 5 kids and 3 dogs – you get the picture), I found 5 smart ways to use almonds. I hope that you will find this useful for you, too.

Almond Smoothie

So, I followed on my daughter’s question about Almond Shake and I found out that almonds can be made into an Almond Smoothie.

You are going to need a very powerful blender for this because you need to crush the almonds in order to make the smoothie. One favorite recipe I make with almonds is the Cherry-Chocolate-Almond Smoothie. I do it like this:

One cup cherries
One cup spinach
Half a cup each of almond milk and water
One tablespoon almond butter (from crushed almonds)
One scoop pea or whey protein powder
One tablespoon cocoa
Vanilla extract and cinnamon, to taste

It is so good, believe me. And full of nutrients too because of the cherries, the spinach, almond milk, pea or whey powder and cocoa. My daughter was right. Almond shake (smoothie) is the bomb.

Almond Crust

Again, you have to crush the almonds if you want to try out this Almond Crust thing. How are you going to use the crust? For whatever reason you can think of! Add crush almonds to some almond flour and egg. Bake for a few minutes and you have your crust. It can be prepared together with green beans and fingerling potatoes.

Almond Crumble Topping

I am fond of making crumble-topped fruit and I altered the recipe a bit. Instead of regular flour, I use crushed almonds and almond meal. I chop those green apples, pears, add a bit of water and sprinkle some lemon or lime juice. Sometimes, I use berries, cherries and a sliced banana too. On top of that fruit mix is the almond crumble mix with some rolled oats. It’s like heaven in a bowl.

Almond Sauce

My mother told me that it is possible to use almond and add it in the sauce. A delicious Filipino recipe called Kare-Kare has crushed peanuts, along with other ingredients, in the sauce. And how does it taste? The sauce is savory and a bit on the sweet, nutty taste. But it is really good.

You can always add crushed almonds to your veggie broth to give it a little bit of kick. It is something new and fresh. Instead of eating the boring broth over and over again, you can add this almond mix (you can also use almond butter) and experience a whole new thing with sauce or soup.

Almond Savory Dishes

I don’t care what other people say. For me, almond is one of the best foods ever created. I use it on almost everything – salad, breakfast bowl, steamed veggies, lean protein, smoothies, and practically all. The good thing is that no one in our family is allergic to nuts and even my kids have come to like this power food.