5 Strength Moves That Are More Effective Sitting Down

Some exercises in the gym are better performed when you are sitting down. Not all standing exercises are the better options. What others miss is that these five moves can shape your body better and give you the strength you need and you don’t have to stand.

Cable Row


For the cable row, your focus is on the upper back muscles. The shoulder blades must meet and “bump” together. You can effectively do this when you are sitting down.

If you do a cable row movement while standing up, you are at risk to over arch your back which may injure your spinal column. You will also not be able to target the correct muscle group for the particular exercise. When you’re on a seat while doing the row, the spine is in neutral mode and your upper back will really have to work it.

Bicep Curl

Bicep Curl

Some people do their bicep curls on their feet. This is ok. But the effect on your biceps is better when you are seated. How is this possible?

If you are seated, your hands are limited to using dumbbells instead of barbells. Now, this is a good thing because you are isolating the muscle group on each dumbbell. As you alternate each arm, tension is built and this is how the muscle works.

Next, you can’t cheat when sitting down because movement is limited. When you’re standing up, your legs can “help” carrying the dumbbells. You can swing the weights or lean your body forward. You can’t do these things when sitting down.

Chest Press


There are many ways to do a chest press and you can do it while sitting down. When you do a chest exercise, the shoulder must be in the correct place; otherwise, the movement will all be in vain. If you are using a cable machine for your chest press and you are standing up, the shoulder is free to do movements and you cannot isolate the chest with that.

Now, if you have a bench or a seat to position yourself in and it has a backrest, your shoulder blades are positioned well as you do the move. The chest will do the work instead of the shoulders.

Dumbbell Overhead Press


Again, your legs won’t be able to help you on this move if you’re sitting down. Your shoulders will bear all the tension on this move and that’s how it’s supposed to be. You will need all the strength your shoulder has just to make this move correctly. If you are a gym buff, you will feel that there is a significant difference between Dumbbell Overhead Press to a regular Shoulder Press. Try it.

Overhead Triceps Extension


Your elbows must be away from your head if you really want to engage your triceps muscles. Now, if you are on your feet, there are a lot of issues like falling elbows and upper arms slanting. The move is mediocre and it is stressful on other body parts. Now, if the person is sitting down, the concentration is on the triceps alone since there is a balance while on the seat. It’s plain and simple, really.