5 Surprise Foods That Have Gluten

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese

Who would have thought that blue cheese contained gluten? It is cheese, for crying out loud! Gluten is a component of food made from wheat, right? So how come blue cheese has it?

Ok, let’s go back to the beginning. How is blue cheese being made? It is formulated by culturing a mold called “mold penicillium” to give the cheese its “blue” personality with a bit of tangy and sharp taste. That’s how it is being made.

Now, where does mold come from? Mold will not grow on cheese without bread. So, yes. In order to culture mold on cheese, bread is being used to do that. Even at its smallest amount, gluten on bread and bread mold on cheese which will make the blue cheese – it can possibly affect those with celiac disease. It is better to stay away and eat other types of cheese like feta or cheddar.