5 Surprise Foods That Have Gluten

Spice Mix


Even spice mix, seriously? These tasty mixes also contain gluten? No wonder sometimes my aunt, who has been battling celiac disease all her life, have strange reactions to my husband’s cooking.

One time, we all thought that it was because of BBQ since one time, my husband grilled some home-made BBQ and she had an upset. There was also a time when she ate BBQ that she cooked but had no problems whatsoever. It could possibly be because of the BBQ spice mix my husband used.

Curry powder, BBQ spice mix and other food flavoring spices may possibly contain a huge amount of gluten ingredient. How delightful – NOT! You know that these spice mixes have a long shelf life, correct? And because of that, an anti-caking agent is added to the spice mix to keep it from clumping. That is the gluten ingredient right there.