5 Things You Should Never Buy At The Grocery Store

Grocery Food

We are all guilty of buying pre-made foods in the grocery. Some reasons are pretty valid, you know, like busy day at work and can’t make dinner. You just have to grab whatever is in the ready-to-eat section like hummus and pita, green salad or the sushi bar. But is it really worth the money?

It won’t take a few minutes to cut up and whip a green salad. As for sushi, it’s not hard to do as well. Just put the fish in the chiller before you leave in the morning and as you get home, just slice it and eat. And hummus is cheaper if you make it, and even more nutritious too than to buy the pre-made one in the grocery.

There are many things to say about making food compared to buying one which was already pre-made. And to note, here are 5 things you should never buy at the grocery store when ready-to-eat foods are concerned.

Salad Dressing

You will be spending 2-3 minutes only when making your own salad dressing. Seriously. It doesn’t take a long time. You just have to combine olive oil, apple cider vinegar and Dijon in a small bowl and that’s it for your salad dressing.

As for the salad greens, it really is up to you. You can choose whatever you want to eat – Romaine lettuce, green leafy lettuce, purple cabbage, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, mushroom, corn, tomatoes, cucumber, and more. All in all, you need no more than 10 minutes to make it.

How much will it cost you? Making your own salad dressing with basically the same ingredients as the ones you buy at the grocery will cost you a little over three dollars and you still have a lot of ingredients sitting in your ref. As for the pre-made salad dressing, it is more expensive. Usually, a bottle costs $4-$5. Is it worth it?


This Korean relish is to die for and for those who are like me, a die-hard fan of kimchi, I suggest that making your own kimchi is much more worth it than buying a jar of it. What are the common ingredients or kimchi, anyway? Cabbage, lime extract, and Sriracha – you can buy these things to make so much more kimchi and it would still come out cheaper.

A jar of kimchi in the supermarket is $11-$12. If you make your own kimchi, you will likely spend $5. For real and no kidding here. It’s that cheap! You will be saving so much.


Whoever said that guacamole is difficult to make – I will slap him or her so hard for that lie! It is a messy and yucky feeling, true but it is not hard to concoct your own guacamole. All you need to set aside are avocado, cilantro, pepper and onion. That’s it! You don’t have to squeeze lime, really. This makes the recipe expensive and it doesn’t appeal to my taste buds.

As for the supermarket guacamole, two cups of guacamole is worth $8-$9. If you make your own, it is a bit expensive at $9-$10 BUT, making your guacamole is healthier since you know the ingredients you are putting in and it is fresh. Those supermarket kinds are days old, you know.


When shopping for salsa ingredients, there will really be a lot of leftovers. But you can use the ingredients especially the chipotle to make other recipes like chipotle mayo, black beans salad, and chicken tostados.

How much is a salsa jar? Depending upon the brand but right now, it retails at $6 to $7. As for the homemade recipe, it is a dollar cheaper and a lot of leftover ingredients too. Truly worth it.


The deal with this is – make your own hummus. It is better this way than to buy from the market. Why? It is fresher and more nutritious. I can’t stress this enough but it really is true. The reason why you’re buying hummus is because of its nutritional value, right? Then, just make it from your own kitchen.

The classic hummus that you can buy at the grocery costs $4-$5. If you make your own hummus, it will be a bit costly (a dollar or so more) but again, it is a better solution.