5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Gluten

There is now a standardization of gluten-free labels.

Gluten Free Label

Gluten-free foods in the US had no regulation or standards. This is why the US Food and Drug Administration had to set a ruling on the matter of gluten-free products. It was just last August – according to the US FDA, a manufacturer can only put the label “gluten-free” if it contains less than 20 parts in ratio to a million of gluten. This same standard is being practiced in Canada and Europe.

Now, is that gluten-free for you? If there is even one part of gluten in a so-called “gluten-free” food, the fact is that there is still one part of gluten. It is not actually zero gluten at all. This is the standard of “gluten-free” foods these days. No wonder some people with celiac disease react to foods that are labeled gluten-free because in truth, it really isn’t totally free of gluten.