5 Warning Signs You’re Overtraining

Red Flag 5: You are working out daily from Monday to Sunday and it takes about 2-3 hours per day for you or else you’ll feel very guilty.


In exercise, more hours doesn’t necessarily mean it is better. This is the common mistake people make. They’d say, “Oh, I spent 3 hours at the gym because I need to tone up. I have so many things to do and one hour just won’t cut it. I’d feel so bad when I don’t reach that 2-hour-in-the-gym mark. I have to do this.”

Well, YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT. It’s not necessary. You don’t need to work out on all your body parts every single day. Each muscle group can be targeted for strength training two to three times a week only. This is the proper way because your muscle needs to rest for a day before it can be trained again.

Also, it is acceptable to do cardiovascular workouts daily as long as you give it a rest one to two times a week. You’re not superman! The body needs to recuperate and your muscles need some down time to so it can repair itself as it tones accordingly.

Now, as for the time, you only need sixty minutes maximum of intense workout and that is the limit. Experts have agreed to that. Why? Well, the body is releasing testosterone at the first hour only. You need testosterone to help in increasing muscle mass or making your muscles lean. After the sixty minutes, it wears off and releases cortisol.

If your body is stressed out due to too much exercise, there is a surge of cortisol – cortisol stops the development of tissue, it transforms protein to glucose and reduces protein function. If you are body-building or want to have defined muscles, you don’t want cortisol.