5 Warning Signs You’re Overtraining

Red Flag 2: You’re hurting and still, your push through with your workout


If you experience pain, don’t work out anymore. Just stop. Your body is sending you a signal that it is not fine. If your body is not conditioned to work out, then, don’t exercise. You will harm yourself more if you do and it will also prolong your recuperation period. The same thing goes if you have cough, colds and similar illnesses. Just don’t push it thinking you will gain. These injuries can become permanent and you might just regret making one wrong move with a lifetime consequence.

Now, if this is a problem for you, please have the courage to ask for help. You can tell a relative or a friend that you are having a hard time with your way of thinking regarding work out – that even if you are in pain, you still want to continue to push yourself to the limit at the expense of you getting more hurt in the process and that means injuries. With support and therapy, you can outgrow this type of thinking.