5 Warning Signs You’re Overtraining

Red Flag 1: Your body is always in pain even after you’ve rested.


You always feel tired and drained even if you have already rested enough and when you say enough, it means one full day without the exercise. Now, if you experience this, it is a clear sign that your body is overworked and truly stressed out.

What people don’t know is that if you overdo on exercise, you will not get stronger. In fact, you will get weaker and worse is that you can get injured. It would be useless to work out more just to get injured. It’s like going one step forward but going back two steps.

This is what you have to do – always find a rest day. So, let’s say, you work out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday must be a rest day. Then you work out again for Friday and Saturday, Sunday must be a rest day once again. Your body needs all the rest it could get. You have to indulge in it too in order for you to be in the best shape ever.