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6 Perfect Muscle Building Meals

Grape Jam and Cottage Cheese on Rye Toast – Pre-Workout Snack

Grape Jam

A cup of fat-free cottage cheese
Four slices of rye bread, toasted
Two tablespoons grape jam

You need to protect your body from the inside and maintain the health of your muscles. One way to do that is to eat this pre-workout snack. Cottage cheese spares the muscles from being totally worn out while the grape jam provides sugar that adjusts insulin levels (also protects the muscles from too much damage). As for the rye bread, it is a carb food that slows the process in the digestive tract plus it prevents the immediate drop of blood sugar levels – basically everything you need when working out.

Calories: 532
Protein: 35g
Carbs: 89g
Fat: 4g